​You observe what is appearing and present at the beginning of the session on an emotional and physical sphere, accompanied by your coach in order to determine, at the end of the latter or at the end of a second session, your proper aim in agreement and respect with your needs, values, patterns, way of life, environment (relational sphere as well as material) : it deals with an individualized support and specific to you, the person you are.


Then as she guides you as sessions go by, she gives you tools allowing you to become independent regarding emotions, stimulation of your strenghts keeping in mind your targets and keep things moving in action and equanimity.


Mélanie is your Wellness coach and accompanies you on a holistic sphere : mental, physical and energetic

Holistic means in your entirety : you are a singular person with you proper values, beliefs, strengths ans weaknesses, uniqueness, and she makes it a point of honour to individualize each wellness support she gives because each human on earth is clearly different one from the other.  ​

The sessions Mélanie gives do not replace medical care but can be complementary to the latter. As taking care of you on mental and physical plan is a path towards Health.

Some periods of life push us to stop a minute and concentrate on essential living points: mourning, exhaustion, stressful environment at home, at work, within your relations, separations, addictive behaviour, wish to get parents, or merely just to stop suffering from body tensions or to free yourself by society anxiety..You feel it is time for you to get some distance, take time for you, authorize yourself to make a break to become nearer to your heart and choose the path towards Health to win in Health and not to earn your life only. You want to act for your Wellness and HEALTH , think and act in this sense and stop fighting against evils, all the emotional, sentiments not expressed neither externalized and definitely printed in your thought and body patterns.

Being in tune with yourself and in self awareness, adopting a new positive vision of yourself is the challenge of life on Earth and a proper progression that is related to you and only you !

*Mélanie also act as a mentor for women who suffered from Cancer and are in remission and are eager to find strength again in themselves to feel life inside them and around, fulfilling their deep dream come true adopting an objective, realistic and positive vision of their own person and the world.

*Sophro-Coaching can be feasible in a public place, a green place, on line (Skype) if you can not move or want to optimise your time.

Rate first Sophro-Coaching meeting: 70 €

Regular meeting: 60 €


Mélanie Aney, Sophro-Coach and Masso-Relaxologue

+33 (0)650 325 520

SIRET 834430928 00020

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