Tensions and emotions crystallise in your body and can trigger blockages and freeze the energy of life inside you (body and soul), which can sometimes end on « illness ».

Intuitive Relaxology and Wellness Massages, coupled with Sophrology tools, with other massages techniques to which Mélanie has trained afterwards (energetic inspired from Ayurvéda), to the use of Tibetan bowl, vegetable and essential oils according to your emotional state, is a wonderful therapeutic tool to let go out of the window all the stress you have cumulated. It allows you to release, to deeply chill out and thus reconnect your body and your soul, make energies circulate again and leave the session with clarity and serenity.

Mélanie checks with you and your general practitioner if you do not present any contraindications to massages relaxology as well as the use of essential oils within the framework of her professional therapist activity.


*She organises relaxation workshops between parents and children, within schools, for Wellness & Health meetings and also within companies.

*She also act as a mentor for women who suffered from Cancer and are in remission and are eager to reconnect their body to their soul, find strength again in themselves to feel life inside them and around, fulfilling their deep dream come true adopting an objective, realistic and positive vision of their own person and the world.

Rate for a Massage-Relaxation session: 60 €


Mélanie Aney, Sophro-Coach and Masso-Relaxologue

+33 (0)650 325 520

SIRET 834430928 00020

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