Fundamentally Fire and Wind, hypersensitive and "connected" to "life being"  - humans, nature, animals- since her earliest childhood, she has decided to follow this travel between Heaven and Earth, offering a wealth of learning and  experiences' opportunities regarding physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Successive life events have brought her to adopt another vision of Life, which brought her to train in the Sophrotherapy French School. Thereupon, she trained simultaneously in more specific energetic massages, continuing her personal experience, which keeps deepening her introspective way through readings, healers trainings, energy treatments, cards, soul searching, observation and analisis of her behaviour patterns, perceptions , emotions. She re-learned how to listen to her intuition, how to anchor her energy on Mother Earth. She keeps becoming more open to this little thing some people would call "spirituality" and which is, in the end and according to her own experience, this awareness and feeling that everything around is Energy: each of our  behaviours, actions or thoughts has a real impact on what is around us, physically or in a subtle way.

Be more and more aligned to who we are genuinely is the aim of the life. She is really eager to practice daily and bring special interests to existential matters that deal with alimentation, animals, nature, health, body's functioning, emotional liberation...this feeds her as it liberates her. It allows her to adopt a broader vision, an attitude of detachment -necessary precondition to her  emotional and relashionship balance.

Engaging herself in this vocation, which is a melting pot of such different aspects of Human is just a dedication and also ask her to involve herself a lot, in her inner dimension. Faith can be severely tested especially when you are sensitive to the surroundings, on a physical, energetic and subtle level.

 Life is a limitless path, a rich non-formal learning experiences, stop looking for happiness, feel it inside you, overcoming fears that, really often, comes from surroundings.

Today Coach & Well-being Practitioner , she offers coaching sessions to guide you more into your own being than into the outer world. It can sometimes be very difficult and demanding to commune with yourself in front of your own fears and injuries without knowing how to canalise and turn the latter into strenghts. Asking support to specialists is a beginning in these transition period of life but the process of change itself can only be decided and initiated by You !

You are actor of your own life, free to make your own choices, the ones that are right and true for you !  Very often, once this new vision comes to you, you become aware that eventually, you are not the person you are used to identify yourself because you were just full of fears, beliefs, lost because you let yourself becoming trapped in a system that have learn you to develop patterns which you thought you had to fit into. Once you accept these situations, once you let things release, action becomes more natural and fluid.



Mélanie Aney, Sophro-Coach and Masso-Relaxologue

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