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Holistic coach & Well-being practitioner to this day, she enables you, as your Wellness Coach, to look inside yourself and find the keys which will bring you into your inner self, to get ready to Be your inner guide, to free yourself from the conditionings that prevent you from fully living as a person, to reconnect to your vital source, your intuition, to enable new answers to emerge, restoring your inner peace and purify your Emotional Center(s) in order to connect yourself again with your I AM:

re-establish flow and natural connections between your Soul and your Body: ensuring that your thoughts, words and actions be harmonised. Between you and your soul, that is to say between you and the other, betwen you and the others, between you and the world. This is a holistic support: body, soul, emotional and environmental care.

Indeed, some periods of life push us to stop a minute and concentrate on essential living points: mourning, exhaustion, stressful environment at home, at work, within your relations, separations, addictive behaviour, wish to get parents, or merely just to stop suffering from body tensions or to free yourself by society anxiety...

Mélanie approach is holistic, her sessions are hardly the same because each person is different and she adapts the latter to the clients. Tools she proposes are the ones get all along her training, in particular Sophrology , Coaching, Massages Relaxology, but also the ones she is used to develop and experience in everyday life.

The sessions Mélanie give do not replace medical care but can be complementary to the latter. As taking care of you on mental and physical plan is a path towards Health.




        VOIR DANS LE MONDE"                                       Gandhi

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